Leadership Team

Executive Team

Dave McFayden


Dave has over 25 years of operations management, large program management and business planning experience both domestically and internationally for both the private and public sector including the Department of Homeland Security. Services under his direction have included program and project management, policy development, budget development and analysis, engineering design, strategic planning, construction management and operational support. He has had direct responsibility for the management of over 100 professional project staff and contracts. 

Nick Tsamoutales


Nick provides strategic guidance and overall direction to the entire CRG team. His vision for success and mission focused attitude enable the CRG team to stay focused on delivering excellence to CRG’s clients.  Leading a multidisciplinary transnational team is part of his DNA. Nick honed his results-oriented leadership skills while planning, commanding, and executing decisive global contingency operations with successful outcomes. Nick holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Masters of Science in American Politics and Policy, from The Florida State University.  Additionally, Nick is an adjunct professor at his alma mater, an FAA Commercial Helicopter Pilot, gives back to his local community by flying for his local sheriff, and holds a Top Secret security clearance. 

Dan O’Malley

Chief Operating Officer

Dan O’Malley delivers decades of disaster recovery support services to the CRG team. Mr. O’Malley is responsible for overall project execution, proposal development, oversight of program managers, client and regulatory interfacing, and working with the President to establish efficient workflow processes. From 2018 through 2019, Mr. O’Malley served as Project Director for the Tu Hogar Renace (Your Home Reborn) Program following the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico. Mr. O’Malley lead a lean team of Project Managers who quickly mobilized to the island. Under his leadership they successfully sourced, trained, and managed a force of over 330 inspectors who returned nearly to 140,000 families to their homes over an 11-month time period.


Sean Owens, CPP, PSP, CHPA

Director of Reentry Planning & Security

Sean Owens is multi-certified in physical security and loss prevention/asset protection strategies that encompass three critical areas before, during and following a disaster: Contingency Planning that includes profiling of hazard events, vulnerability assessment and Gap Analysis; Preparation that includes phased implementation strategy, hazard mitigation planning and application assistance for grants; Immediate Response that involves disaster related cost tracking, damage assessment and coordination assistance of contractors and rental equipment.  His subject matter expertise encompasses a track record of success spanning retail, healthcare, arts & entertainment, and other industries.  Sean is a well-regarded and published industry expert having been recognized by multiple print and digital media publications for his project implementation success and outcomes. Sean has also lead organizations through natural and manmade disasters and coordinated efforts with multiple public and private entities.

Emmitt Rodriguez

Director of Procurement, Acquisitions, and Logistics

Mr. Emmitt Rodriguez is a graduate of St. Louis University and the U.S. Army War College where he earned degrees in Aeronautics and Strategic Studies. He is a member of the U.S. Army Acquisition Corps and certified Level III in Logistics Management. 
Mr. Rodriguez culminated his thirty-five-year Department of Army career in 2017 as the Director of Logistics in the U.S. Army Multi-National Special Project Office. Mr. Rodriguez has served in a variety of positions that included Chief of Staff, Army Materiel Command Responsible Reset Task Force – Kuwait; Director, US Army Aviation and Missile Command Aviation Resource Assessment and Analysis, Chief Operating Officer for the U.S. Army Aviation Reset Program, and Director for Maintenance-US Army Europe G4. 
He managed programs and projects, including the massive retrograde and classification of aviation equipment and supplies from Iraq to the U.S and an unprecedented economic development plan with the State of Texas establishing much-needed maintenance and refurbishment capacity for the US Army to support wartime operations. His international logistics and procurement experience have resulted in rapid acquisition successes for US and foreign military aviation requirements utilizing US, EU and NATO resources.  

Matthew Rosebaugh

Chief of Staff

Matthew Rosebaugh serves as the Chief of Staff for CRG, advising the CEO, managing critical strategic initiatives, mediating disputes, and addressing issues before they become problems. Previously, Matt served as an Internal Performance Consultant at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and on several high-performing teams in the United States Military. Serving under the United States Army Special Operations Command, Matt received several commendations for his response to numerous time-sensitive worldwide contingencies, managing logistics, operations, and execution. He graduated from the United States Military Academy with a Bachelors of Science in History and Environmental Engineering and from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business with a Masters of Business in Organizational Behavior and Strategy, where he was selected as a Tillman Scholar by the Pat Tillman Foundation. In addition, Matt is an adjunct professor of Military Science and Leadership at The Ohio State University, an FAA certified Commercial Rotary Wing Pilot and Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator, and holds a Top Secret security clearance. 

The Honorable Stephen Studdert

Chief of Government and Public Affairs

Mr. Studdert holds a distinctive place in history as a trusted advisor in corporate boardrooms, the White House, and the United Nations. Leaders have depended on Mr. Studdert as an international problem solver who has carried out more than 100 presidential foreign diplomatic assignments in his role as an advisor to Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush (41). Mr. Studdert has expertise in international trade matters, having held presidential appointments serving on the President’s Export Council, the Export Advisory Now Council, the Foreign Trade Practices and Negotiations Subcommittee and as a United States Delegate to the United Nations Energy Conference in Africa. An advocate for international religious liberty, Mr. Studdert is an advisor on the topicto the Under-Secretary General of the United Nations. He chaired the housing and community development efforts of a $44 billion Federal Home Loan Bank and was elected by his peers to chair the Federal Home Loan Bank System Council of Chairs.

Dr. Jim Yankaskas

Director Medical Affairs & Policy

Before he became one of the world’s leading pulmonologists, concentrating on the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis, Jim Yankaskas started his career as an MIT-trained aeronautical engineer at Sikorsky Aviation, where he was part of the leadership team that designed the famous Blackhawk helicopter, Dr. Yankaskas’ designs are very much a part of current aviation.

Dr. Yankaskas is Professor of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he served as Associate Chair of the Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine Division, and as Medical Director of the Medical ICU and the Medical Progressive Care Unit.  He founded the UNC CF Center Tissue Procurement and Cell Culture Core Facility that provides research specimens to CF researchers around the world.

His research focused on developing cell culture models for the genetic disease cystic fibrosis (CF), primarily a children’s disease at that time.   His first publications describe such in vitro systems, which became the gold standard models for CF airway physiology.  That work led to 18 years of research funding from the NIH and the CF Foundation (CFF) and was the inaugural Michael Hatcher Distinguished Professor of Medicine.His research led to his co-founding of one of the first adult CF programs in the U.S.   in Over 30 years that program grew from 16 to more than 300 patients, and became a model of excellence for the CFF.  They recognized Jim as the best adult CF caregiver at the CFF international conference.   In 1998 Jim was selected to serve on the CFF’s Center Committee, the standard setting and accreditation body.  In 2005 he became the first internist to chair that committee, previously led by pediatricians.   During his leadership the number of adults with CF grew to exceed the number of children.  Accredited adult CF programs expanded dramatically.  With Jim’s leadership the CFF began posting the annual and 5-year outcomes of every CF program on the internet.  They developed a series of Quality Improvement (QI) programs to train CF Centers to evaluate and improve their programs.  These efforts led to marked improvements in lung health, nutrition, and survival, and became an international model for QI work.  Jim became a coach, teacher, and consultant for these QI activities.  He currently serves as co-chair of the CFF’s Targeted Assistance Program (TAP), which helps to improve CF centers with marginal outcomes.  Many of his colleagues consider him to be the father of adult CF care.  

Dr. Leah Tipton

Dr. Leah Tipton brings a strong educational background and prior experience to her role with CRG, LLC. She received a Master of Public Health (MPH) in August 2012 and Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) in April 2015 from the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh. While completing her graduate degrees, Dr. Tipton worked full time as a research specialist at the Graduate School of Public Health. Her work focused on the design and execution of air quality studies, including indoor, outdoor, and personal monitoring campaigns, and the development of environmental sampling and analysis protocols. Most recently she worked as a health scientist at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in Morgantown, West Virginia where she contributed to the design, measurement, and evaluation of various occupational exposures in a variety of workplaces. In addition, she conducted experiments to evaluate methods and technologies used to assess occupational exposures. Since entering the field of environmental and occupational health, her goal has been to focus her career path on health and safety. Dr. Tipton brings her knowledge of air quality testing procedures to CRG, LLC along with her experience in communicating scientific and technical information orally and in written formats. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Tipton has been offering expertise in the development of company-wide Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plans and guidance on preparing the workforce and workplaces for COVID-19 and ultimately a return to work.