Cost Capture Assistance

Trying to capture all your costs during a crisis can be a daunting task. You need a team who knows how to successfully navigate the process. Our proven methods and experience-driven insights will ensure your organization is able to capture all available costs and secure reimbursements. Our team has deployed methods that are proven to be effective, and we can bring those same methods to your organization. The CRG team can assist you in the following tasks associated with capturing eligible costs:

  • Developing processes and approaches for documenting and tracking current and future reimbursable costs.
  • Capturing eligible costs and required  documentation related to previously incurred labor, material, and service costs since the start of your emergency. 
  • Working with your Human Resources Department to ensure that all labor hours eligible for reimbursement are being captured and tracked in accordance with established processes.
  • Supporting  your Business Manager and Procurement staff  by reviewing contracts and documentation between suppliers and contractors, to ensure that costs associated with purchased services are adequately captured and substantiated 
  • Working with the Custodial Manager and Procurement staff to review purchases and the associated documentation, ensuring that costs associated with purchased materials are adequately captured and being filed in accordance with the processes established in the first bullet above.
  • Assisting in recording, summarizing, and applying for eligible reimbursement. 
  • Providing counsel and oversight throughout your journey.

Two Teams Become One

You are not alone on an island. When you team with CRG, our two organizations become one. We know that regular communication and updates are critical during an emergency. Our experience informs us that, at a minimum, timely and accurate communication is a must. We will regularly report on overall progress, receive updates from your team, and ensure all processes and systems are functioning as intended, to confirm that all eligible costs are being captured.